Full moon november 7 2019 astrology

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Your place of comfort and safety, your family.

For this Scorpio New Moon transit, you will likely find yourself pulling into your base. You may want to have plenty of time for family bonding and going back to your roots so to speak may be a driving force for you. With so many transits in recent days and months having deeply affected your life in many ways, transformation has been a key. You may find your finally in a position for the Scorpio New Moon to help you deepen your familial bonds, finding any remaining emotional residue and cleansing the issues for good.

Anything left now will be called up for a deep look. Virgo, the New Moon affects your 3rd and 4th house with your ruling planet Mercury in shadow, or retrograde at this time. You may find yourself a bit fuzzy during this time and pressing too much could even result in headaches being of a higher likely hood. The 4th house Virgo is your family and home.

The place you draw your strength and comfort from. This is likely to experience some shifting.

With the cleansing New Moon in Scorpio, you may find yourself relying on those intimate family bonds at this time. Working through any issues will be a focus and the transformation for the highest good your relationships may experience will help you move forward. Your possessions and the things in life that bring you pleasure. Scorpio may also influence you to examine what in your environment is actually desirable for you and what is not. You may wonder during this time about your career path, or your personal happiness and the value you place upon yourself will be highlighted for a deeper understanding.

If you haven't given yourself enough attention, you may find yourself redirected to giving the attention you need. This means your house of "self" is being activated in a big way.


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You will likely have a season ahead of searching for what you can contribute in your own unique ways. You may find yourself intently focused on what will create more happiness for yourself. Where your headed will be a highlight with the sun in Scorpio. The New Moon in Scorpio has a purifying energy and that will call you to heal yourself in a very deep way. This New Moon has an especially purifying influence for you. This is all in preparation for you to make great strides in the months ahead as your career.

It's a great time to give yourself some needed attention and do somethings that are just for your happiness a bit. This house is governed primarily by Neptune, but many don't realize that prior to the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was considered the ruling planet for Pisces. It's still in the astrological world considered a joint ruler with Neptune of this intensely complex house placement.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Using Scorpio and Pisces energy will be somewhat challenging to you as your inner world, a place you may not always linger may need some transforming. Anything you find useless to your goals there, you will need to come to terms with so you can be in the best position when Jupiter comes home in your sign. If you find this applies, journaling your dreams, or just enjoying being creative with some free writing may be a fun way to express yourself.

Creating something new may be a good way for you to expel any frustration or extra energy during this New Moon transit. With the Scorpio New Moon focusing energy into this house you can discover new insights about old friends, resulting in either a deepening bond or a severing depending on how you process what you find. It will regardless be a time where you likely find yourself deeply ensconced in your friendships and how to make them fit your vision of greatness and excitement. Growth will for this house will be called deeply into focus.

Uranus in retrograde in Taurus has likely given you a feeling of freer movement. Obstacles you faced prior to the retrograde may have begun to fall away making your course ahead a bit less turbulent. Uranus is considered "a disruptive planet" that's in its normal transit, but in shadow, you get the opposite effect and the challenges this planet typically puts in your path will be easier to surmount. Clear thinking maybe something your enjoying plenty of during this transit.

The Scorpio New Moon will likely influence Uranus retrograde in Taurus to allow you to make improvements at home and in areas of pleasure. Jupiter is the ruling planet and is getting ready to have its first transit in Sagittarius for 12 years. During this time, it may really get you thinking about where you want to go next, planning a trip or even signing up for a lecture could be called into focus.

Your home planet of Neptune is in retrograde and that will soon to be making a big transition into its direct station position. Until then, its energy in shadow will complete its work for you. You may feel deeply introspective as the Scorpio New Moon causes you to look yet even deeper into the waters of your subconscious. Writing and creating art would likely be a good way to manage that though. YourTango may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through links featured in this article.

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Aria Gmitter. Zodiac , Self November 6, Life is about to improve but it will first start with an honest look at what you don't need in your life. Capricorn, the New Moon opens the door to your friendships and potential partnerships that can include work related relationships that you are ready to end for one reason or another. Doors open. Doors close, but first you may wonder why and need to have a few experiences to drive home your personal inner convictions. As the rebirth and new life cycle begins in all zodiac signs, you may begin to see patterns form that not only solidify your conviction that it's time to end an activity or two, but that you may also not even have to do anything to close the door.

In some respects, the door will close for you. You just have to be willing to release.

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The New Moon may also bring into your life new opportunities that are long lasting and more real than the temporary situations you may have chosen to accept due to the need to survive. Sep 9, PM. Moon enters Aquarius. Sep 12, AM. Moon enters Pisces. Sep 14, PM. Moon enters Aries. Sep 17, AM. Moon enters Taurus. Sep 19, PM. Moon enters Gemini. Sep 22, AM. Moon enters Cancer.

Sep 24, AM. Moon enters Leo. Sep 26, AM. Moon enters Virgo. Sep 28, AM. Moon enters Libra.


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