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The Butterfly has large wings. This is the symbol of an immense need for openness and the understanding of others, which will encourage learning in the wider sense. The need for an open mind, tolerance and the ability to question things will become evident. However, it is the trines that will free up the two square aspects. The Butterfly is very creative and inspired, encouraging the person concerned to go beyond conventional limits. He sees the bigger picture and wants to add something extra to the world, leading people to push themselves to the limit. This configuration enables the individual to get down to a task patiently and complete it successfully, work in isolation from the rest of the world and other influences, create a plan or develop situations that will fulfil certain aspirations in the long term.

The transits of the planets in opposition should be studied in particular to anticipate the launching or formalisation of projects or plans. The Sailing Boat stems from the Boat, focusing on a planet forming two squares at either end of the Boat. Here, there is enthusiasm for pursuing a desired goal on a collective scale, or ideas intended to be shared with others.

This shape is more dynamic than the Boat, enabling a focus on a specific goal and the concentration of energy on its outcome. The planetary energies involved form a means of being successful in a quest or project, or a life change, often in a radical way. The Yod symbolises a major event in a person's destiny. The planet on the receiving end of the Yod's energy symbolises the sector of life needing to be transformed, where creativity is often blocked.

The Boomerang has the same base as the Yod, but with the addition of another planet opposite the focal point or reaction point. This planet represents self-image, forcing the person to consider what is causing internal obstacles in a lucid way. Confrontation is inevitable. The planets in opposition enable an in-depth reflection and transits of these points activate situations which can help to solve the problem of the obstacle in question. It is a good idea with this kind of configuration to establish definite goals to avoid deviating from them. It is a case of remaining in control of individual talent.

The orientation of this configuration and goals depends on the central planet of opposition, as well as the nature of the planets and houses concerned. In fact, the Kite is an active symbolic figure with a bearing on creativity and boldness, and both of these give each other mutual support.

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The trines place emphasis on readiness or a fertile situation, while the sextiles enable the person to put plans and concepts into practice.. The anvil underlines the need to tackle problems head-on the square aspects to turn them into positives. In spite of the effort involved in this symbolism, the fact cannot be hidden that emphasis is placed on potential for concentration and the ability to transcend things.

The obstacles created by the square aspects can be converted into energy. Transits of the planets at the focal point of this figure represent positive outcomes, as this point is an indicator of obstacles to be overcome. The Fish places emphasis on the ability to develop great creativity, when conflicting energies have been transformed and channelled in the direction in the star forming the head of the fish.

The Fish is based on the formation of the Anvil, with the addition of a focal planet completing the configuration with three trines. The focal planet is the basis of the entire energy of the configuration. This pattern will be the dominant factor in the birth chart. However, the effects can be counterbalanced and mitigated by certain opposition or square aspects. The outcome will be these six trines forming six sextile aspects between the planets, giving all of them a creative aspect.

This kind of planetary configuration reveals great creative potential. Solomon's Seal is also an indicator of achievements related to a previous life and more specifically, personal talents that can be mobilised. On the other hand, it does not inevitably mean that the person concerned will use these talents in life, as it is up to the individual to decide whether to use them or not.

The healing of authority issues and suffering associated with feeling scapegoated or abused by 'the system' school, society, cultural and racial definition etc. Also the legacy of the father is understood more deeply, and the 'Tyrant Within' may be located and unseated, as a prelude to deeper healing. Psychologically, the Superego appears more clearly, enabling us to cease the internal criticism and self-punishment which it can activate.

Ambition, drive and attachment to attainments, achievements and appearances are challenged. The times below give about 10 days weeks either side of the dates listed for maximum intensity may also see the arising of intensely vulnerable states as childhood memories are released in their visceral and physical feeling-state.

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The first two signs relate to the brow chakra and the last two to the root chakra in the traditional Vedic attributions. So we have a picture of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, working at the root chakra, and Saturn working in tandem to consolidate the understanding, vision and insight which is represented by the brow. The sequence of seven oppositions can be to mark the healing energy rising through the charkas one by one. It brings the possibility of our wrong understanding showing itself, as projections and misinterpretations are revealed.

Grand Sextile

This may promote recognition of how 'tribal' issues affect our thinking, distort our connection with and acknowledgement of the deeper truths. Equally, the healing suggested here is not about 'rising above' our human life, but is rather the work of including all levels of our experience and valid and valuable. Indeed, that is the main thrust of this aspect, where the question 'How can I help? Mars is the warrior, the planet of action, empowerment and doing.

Star of David: the Mystic Meaning of the Six Pointed Star

However, here it is in the sign of Pisces, where it has been weaving to and fro since June Here is an opportunity to explore the power of Being rather than Doing, of non-action and non-attachment to the fruits of our labours and endeavours. This is the compassionate action, perhaps a deep internal shift invisible to all but ourselves, but which changes everything.

Although this is a subtle Mars, it also evokes motivation form the very deepest level of soul where we recognise that we are One with All. Jupiter in Virgo, while sometimes tempting us to take on too much and get submerged in detail, also feels deep spiritual joy in the ordinary, simple duties and tasks of life.

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  • The 'zen' of list making, or the high art of cleaning the floor! As mentioned above, there is Lunar Eclipse at maximum at 1. At this time the Sun and Moon are in exactly opposite signs of the zodiac, in this case a Taurus Moon and Scorpio Sun. Here is a text from the Sufi tradition about the power of the 'eclipse season' when 'the Sun is at the Nodes' …..

    In astronomy, the dragon relates to the nodes, two diametrically opposed points of intersection between the paths of the Moon and the Sun ….. To the mystic, the dragon symbolizes the place of encounter between the Sun and Moon within. The dragon can either devour the Moon, seen symbolically as the mystic's spiritual Heart, or it can serve as the place or contained of conception. By entering the dragon when the sun is at the Nodes, the Moon or Heart conceives. Thus is full consciousness of the perils, one must enter the dragon in order to await the eclipse in its cosmic womb.

    The Moon represents the Individual Soul, which reflects the light of the Universal, and is illuminated by it. On another level, the Sun is father; the Moon is Mother, in their archetypal manifestations. The personal psychological material which we work to understand, heal and purify, from our childhood, connects us with these deeper levels, where archetype, symbol and image and vice versa. However, in sensing the energies of an eclipse season, we may allow these forms also to fall away and reveal the bare and splendid simplicity of the union of opposites in the depths of the Soul, recognising its Source.


    These pairs of opposites, as mentioned above, also pair up to make three very precise rectangles, called 'Mystic Rectangles' in astrology because they combine the qualities of three aspects in a manner more suggestive of contemplation than action. The Trine blue lines — degrees of arc is a flowing and harmonious energy which depending on the nature of the planets involved can result in a sense of ease, relaxation and openness.

    It is an aspect lending itself to Being rather than Doing. The Sextile green lines - 60 degrees of arc is a very creative aspect, often marking out definite gifts in a chart. There is more of a sense of pace, activity and a desire to work for balanced action. The Opposition orange lines - degrees of arc. This is the largest aspect possible, linking the points diametrically opposite in zodiac terms.

    7 Days/Planets/Parts Star of David Ikons – The Star of David

    However, the elements will always be compatible. Hence the keyword is 'Awareness', like two people approaching each other where each is fully visible to the other, and expressing a welcoming and kindly demeanour. Opposition as conflict or oscillation between opposites is sometimes the way we cultivate awareness. Apparently the last time such an formation happened was at the end of World War II. This too is sure to herald great change, of some kind. What planets are involved? Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter conjunct Mars make up one of the triangles, while Pluto, Venus and the moon make up the other.

    Since the moon transits so quickly, this formation will only be in place for a short seven hour period Monday, July 29th, from roughly am Pacific time until about pm, though some agree influences will last through Tuesday and into the week. What does it all mean? No one knows for sure. If you are into astrology, there are all kinds of metaphysical speculations regarding the significance of such a shape in the sky. The other speculation is the placement of these planets in regard to the zodiac itself — placing planets in signs of purely water and earth related signs.

    Maybe you will choose to sit and feel the potential in the atmosphere.

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