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Sagittarius Personality

With so many journeys under their belt, Sagittarians are excellent storytellers and can light up any room with their exhilarating tales and infectious laughter. Effortlessly magnetic, Sags easily attract friends and lovers with their senses of humor. They're the comedians of the zodiac and infuse all of their conversations with wit and "no bullshit" bluntness.

While their bon mots are unmatched, Sags must remember to keep their sharp tongues in check. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning it is associated with adaptability and flexibility. Sagittarians are born to explore, and it is critical that these archers have the freedom to roam. Sagittarius rules the thighs, so these archers are always on the move. The Sagittarius-born people are adventurous. They will never shy away from taking risks to keep the excitement alive.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Traits, Characteristics, Compatibility, Horoscope

Sagittarius Negative Traits. They are prone to taking things for granted, and taking unnecessary risks.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Their careless approach to life attracts criticism from everyone. Their honesty can sometimes be too brutal, which hurts others. A lesson on how to speak tactfully can help them a great deal. The people born under this Sign are prone to be restless and can push things too far, especially when their energy is not channelised properly. Outer looks mean a lot to them.

Telltale Sagittarius traits

Their interest in things can be short-lived, and keeps fluctuating. Thus they end up being less efficient than they can be. They find it extremely difficult to deliver consistent performance. The Sagittarius natives can be over-confident. They tend to believe that they can do no wrong, and thus actually end up making many mistakes.

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Sagittarius Traits, Personality and Characteristics

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Very spontaneous people they tend to dislike anything which restricts their freedom to learn and grow and often are the most courageous sign when it comes to relying on luck in any endeavor. Direct speakers they tend to be straightforward and objective which is loved by the fire and air signs and detested by the water signs! Rarely possessive or jealous. It's worth noting that most good Sagittarius traits and characteristics have an equal and opposite bad trait or characteristic. For example, someone who is highly analytical could be described as either intelligent good or unemotional bad.

The telltale Sagittarius traits that describe the freedom-loving, fun-having zodiac sign

Someone who is spontaneous good is also impulsive bad. One of the fascinating things about astrology is the patterns which exist. Sagittarius personality traits certainly aren't random. They come from a combination of the signs ruling planet, element, polarity, house and quality. All of these are also used consistently elsewhere within astrology and come together to form the unique package which is the Sagittarius personality. The above traits exist if someone has a Sagittarius sun sign.


However every individual also has other planet placements Moon, Mars, Venus etc which modify this behavior. In some cases one or more of the basic personality traits listed above will be modified or even replaced. Only by examining all the planet placements for an individual can we get a complete picture of their unique personality.

A skilled astrologer can often calculate these backwards from the ways that the basic sun sign behavior is being modified. As children we are subjected to many experiences and influences.

sagittarius traits compatibility Sagittarius traits compatibility
sagittarius traits compatibility Sagittarius traits compatibility
sagittarius traits compatibility Sagittarius traits compatibility
sagittarius traits compatibility Sagittarius traits compatibility
sagittarius traits compatibility Sagittarius traits compatibility
sagittarius traits compatibility Sagittarius traits compatibility

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